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Our Best Selling Bulk Deals!

We do things a bit different! You can't just buy 1 box from us. 

So we can give you great deals, we'll only sell to you in bulk.


We're offering 6 month's, 1 year or 2 year's supply of lenses at the best prices in Australia!

Ezyvision.com.au Cheap Contact Lenses



During our 14+ years of selling contact lenses, we've learn't a thing or two about what our fellow
Australian contact lens wearers are really after. We know the pain of running out of lenses and
we are fully aware of how expensive contact lenses can be as an ongoing cost.



Buy Bulk contact lenses Australia



We may not have the best shipping times, so don't leave it to the last minute to order and expect to get your lenses ASAP... our bulk warehouse is extremely busy and we may let you down (not what we want).

We are committed however to making sure that you are 100% happy with your purchase and we'll even refund you for any contacts you no longer need (such as when your prescription changes).




"With Ezyvision, you can forget about running out of lenses and not worry about the fact that contact lenses can cost a lot." 

Unlike other online contact lens stores, we won't provide you with just one box of lenses, we'll get you the best price but for a decent length of time. The advantage here is that, you don't have to remeber to buy some more lenses every month (and run the risk of running out), and we can give you 'per-box' prices that are better than you'll get elsewhere in Australia.

We don't supply lenses Overnight or even within 3 days. Yes, our deliveries times are fairly lengthly but just make a reminder on your phone when you're going to run out and we'll send you some more lenses in time.

Go on! Give us a shot today and enjoy a bulk lot of savings!

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Bulk Contact lenses