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Help & FAQ

Are these lenses the same as my optometrist sells me?

Absolutely identical!

What happens if I have a faulty lens?

Let us know and we refund you the value of that lens. You don’t even need to return it to us!

Why are your prices cheaper?

We buy in bulk from wholesalers which gives us a more favourable buying price. Also by specialising in contact lenses we can reduce our margins by being more efficient.

Do I need to send you my prescription before I can buy from you?

We do not require you to send us a copy of your prescription, however we strongly recommend you do have a current one for the lenses you are purchasing. If there is a problem with your lenses after you order, and you are unable to provide a prescription to verify you have ordered exactly what you have been prescribed, this may invalidate any compensation we usually offer.

I feel disloyal to my optometrist if I buy my lenses from you.

We understand. They’re usually quite used to people buying optical products elsewhere these days. Just assure him/her you still follow their advice and that price means a lot to you. You could also quote convenience.

I feel embarassed asking my optometrist for a copy of my prescription as he/she will know I’m getting my lenses from elsewhere.

The easiest way is to ring them and request they fax or email your prescription so you don’t have to physically pick it up. They are legally obliged to provide it to you. Any future eye tests, get a copy at the time.

I don’t currently wear contacts but would like to. What do I do?

Visit your optometrist for a contact lens fitting.
Once you have been fitted for contact lenses, have your prescription emailed to contacts@ezyvision.com.au.

Is a contact lens prescription the same as my prescription for glasses?

Contact lens and glasses prescriptions are different. If you have a prescription for glasses but want contact lenses, visit your optometrist for a contact lens fitting.

Do I still need regular check-ups if I order my lenses from you?

Contact lens wear can cause changes to cells and tissues of the eye, and sometimes wearing contact lenses can damage the cornea. Even if you are not experiencing any problems, the lenses may be causing damage to your eyes. Your optometrist will also ensure your prescription is giving you the best visual performance possible. Regular check-ups will reduce the likelihood of damage going undetected.

Can I order offline?

Yes. Call us on 1800 883 055 and we’ll happily do the entire transaction for you over the phone. Have your lens and payment details handy. Or email your order to: contacts@ezyvision.com.au

How long does delivery usually take?

Most orders are dispatched the same day as we carry a huge inventory of lenses. Delivery is usually within four business days but can take up to ten to some locations. All orders are dispatched from our New Zealand warehouse as that is traditionally where we are able to buy lenses the cheapest, so hence how we keep our prices so low.

Is there a cost for delivery?

No! We deliver all orders thoughout Australia freight free! There are no hidden costs at all. The price each lens is advertised for is the total you pay, nothing more.

Can I claim from my Health Fund?

Yes you can. Click here for more details